BNDL is a creative collective made up of handpicked directors around the world. We seek out to create, produce, film, illustrate, design and animate meaningful stories and appealing visuals for every possible digital platform available. We believe firmly that if you surround yourself with smart, talented, dedicated people you can achieve better results – to build something truly great isn’t a one-man show. That’s why we encourage our directors to collaborate accross the board.

BNDL is an acronym for ‘bundle’ which resonates with our goal as a collective. We wish to see the funds and assets go directly to the directors working on the creative task. We do not want to spend unecessary funds on management and other expenses, that could otherwise be spend on the creative process. We believe this to be a smarter and more compact solution which enables us to deliver higher quality work to our clients. This is why BNDL is a virtual collective, without any physical offices and any of the costs that comes with it. Ultimately that means that our directors can spend more time on the creative process, which therefore can provide our clients with top-notch results.

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